Phil Keaggy

You might watch this video and say to yourself, “hey, that’s not a worship song!” In a sense, you would be right: it’s not a song we would do for the “corporate worship” portion of our Sunday service. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worship.

Let me try to explain. “Worship” is giving God worth. He alone is worthy of our “worth-ship”. Singing songs together on a Sunday morning is one way we can “worship”, but it’s not the only way. More important than singing a few songs on a Sunday is how we live our lives the rest of the week, how we do our jobs, how we treat others: family, friends, strangers, enemies. If we do these things unto the Lord, they are worship.

So you might ask, “what does this have to do with Phil Keaggy?” As far as I know, Phil has never written a congregational worship song. He hasn’t written a “Here I Am to Worship or “God of Wonders” or “Holy is the Lord.” What he has done, is dedicated his life and his music to the Lord. From his early days in Glass Harp in the early 1970’s to today, you can see his faith displayed in the music he writes. The song “Follow Me Up” on this video was from an album released in 1978 called “The Master and the Musician”. Hopefully, it’s obvious who the Master is. Every article I read or video interview I see, Phil’s faith is being displayed with grace and humility. I really like that. Phil is an inspiration to me both as a musician and as a follower of Jesus Christ. He shares the gospel in a very unique way and reaches people who might not otherwise hear the message.

If you like this song, I would encourage you to explore more of Phil’s work. He covers an amazing variety of styles with both acoustic and electric guitars. If you ever have an opportunity to see him live, jump on it! Truly an amazing musician who loves the Lord!

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